Life at the Speed of Prevention is written primarily by Patrick Lamb and Nicole Auerbach, founders of Valorem Law Group. Valorem is a litigation focused law firm that launched in 2008 with a mission to do away with the billable hour in litigation matters and has been successful enough doing so that it has been recognized by Wikipedia.  Our focus on providing value to our clients has resulted in our focus on the prevention of litigation. The best legal problem is the one you never have.  We decided to build a business–ValoremNext–that focuses on prevention and generation of value for law departments and law firms.

About the Blog – Building on our combined 60 years of legal experience and a little knowledge gleaned from Jeff Carr, our now former colleague (he just became General Counsel of Univar, Inc), this blog is about the exploration of how legal functions can perform better and actually create value for their customers. We will talk about tools and techniques to effectuate change and to focus efforts on customer needs.  You might not agree with us at times – perhaps much of the time. But we hope you’ll return here as we challenge you to think outside your norms, outside your comfort zone, and outside the walls of our profession. We may be distracted from time to time, but this blog will always seek to give you something you can use immediately for your personal, team and enterprise development.


About ValoremNext – We believe that every legal problem can be avoided and that every legal issue must be managed.  We are not a law firm.   We are an enterprise forged from legal and other assets dedicated to creating stakeholder success.  We do so through aligned value, delivered effectiveness, relentless efficiency, delighting customers, meaningful innovation, continual improvement, disruptive creativity, innate collaboration, celebrated prevention, and rewarding development.


About ValoremNext Offerings:


  • Consulting
    • Legal Value Delivery
    • Prevention & Prioritization
    • Tools
    • S3 Change Management (Stretch/Step/Leap)
    • P3 Ecosystem (Principles/People/Platforms)
      • P3.1 Project Management (Plan/Perform/Perfect)
      • P3.2 Process Management
      • P3.3 Prevention Mentality
    • A3 Improvement (After Action Assessment)
      • A3.1 Pre-action
      • A3.2 In-action
      • A3.3 After Action
    • LIM (Life-cycle Investigation Management)
    • ECA (Early Case Assessment)
    • VDS (Valorem Dispute Solution)


  • Advisory Services
    • Investigations
    • Dispute Resolution
    • Litigation Management
    • Outside Counsel Management